Before and After

  1. Jane Doe


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    I have been looking for a product like this for years. I'm glad someone finally made a product you can use at home that gives me the results I have to get in a salon.
    Dana M.
  2. 1
    No matter what I've used before, I struggle with my frizzy hair. Tried Frizz ender. What a difference. Thanks!
    Leslie J.
  3. 2
    This is the best product I ever used. It lasted 4 weeks. I went to Bermuda and I didn't have any frizz.
    Hana P.
  4. 3
    I Have curly hair that I have to use a lot of products on to help with the frizz. I used Frizz Ender and I don't have the frizzies for about 4 weeks.I live in Miami.
    Linda K.
  5. 4
    Wow! This product delivers. My hair feels great and I had to apply it one time and it stopped my hair from having frizz. So nice.
    Sadie P.
  6. 5
    My hair is naturally wavy. I always fight with the frizzy ends, This is my second order of Frizz Ender. I like it.
    Elisa H.