What is Frizz Ender?

FRIZZ ENDER eliminates frizz for up to 4 weeks.  After you flat iron your hair, the unique products in FRIZZ ENDER create a protective layer of anti-frizz ingredients to the hairshaft.  Once you shampoo your hair in a day or so, your curl pattern is still there, just the frizz is gone.  Using the maintenance products provided in the kit, your hair can remain frizz-free for up to 4 weeks even in humid conditions.

Will Frizz Ender really help get my hair straight?

Frizz Ender is not a straightener. Frizz Ender Smoothing Complex seals the outside of your hair shaft from the elements with cationic anti-frizz ingredients along with humectants, protein for stronger hair and conditioners to keep your hair from frizzing even in very humid conditions. It does not affect your curl pattern or make your hair limp. The ingredients leave your hair healthy, shiny and more manageable.

How do I use Frizz Ender?

Frizz Ender is the first system created for and made available for home use. Follow the simple directions and you can  achieve salon-like results with one application. Frizz Free - Frizz Ender hair.

Is Frizz Ender safe?

The ingredients in all Frizz Ender products are made in the USA. They are FDA approved and do not contain any harmful or harsh products. Safe to use even on children 12 years old and older.No animal testing is ever used in our research to bring you the finest hair care products you can buy.